Kejiwa Offers Monatomic Gold Ormus

Kejiwa Alchemy is pleased to announce they offer Monatomic Gold Ormus as part of their signature product line.

RIMROCK, AZ, USA, January 12, 2022 / -- Kejiwa Alchemy is pleased to announce they offer Monatomic Gold Ormus as part of their signature product line. This liquid supplement can support individuals in ascending to the highest embodiment of their true self, providing a sense of enhanced well-being and activating higher states of consciousness.

Kejiwa hand crafts their Monatomic Gold Ormus from high-quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients, giving their customers confidence in the purity and reliability of their products. They use ancient alchemy procedures to extract mono-atomic minerals from salt crystals, transforming them into the highly revered sacred supplement known as Ormus, ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements), Manna or the Elixir of Life. These superconductive minerals in liquid supplement form provide users with the creative energy they need to achieve their maximum potential in many areas of their lives. The gold-rich sea salt used to create Monatomic Gold Ormus features third-eye activating properties that have been held sacred to Egyptian priests, alchemists, the Essenes and many others.

Kejiwa is committed to creating the highest quality products their customers can rely on to help them achieve a higher sense of self embodiment with ease and grace. Monatomic Gold Ormus is well-known for improving brain function, increased awareness, greater emotional balance, vivid lucid dreams, anti-aging properties, and much more.

Anyone interested in learning about Monatomic Gold Ormus products can find out more by visiting the Kejiwa website or calling 1-760-566-7963.

About Kejiwa: Kejiwa creates artisan alchemy elixirs hand crafted for Shamanic practitioners, spiritual healers, Reiki masters, lightworkers, and others dedicated to helping people on their journey towards their highest self embodiment. They create their alchemy with heart centered focus and intention to ensure the best results and high vibe products. Their mission is to support their customers in experiencing radiant vitality and quantum ascension.

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