Developer Joshua Palmier continues to lead specialized field

Joshua Palmier is a talented web developer

Joshua Palmier is a talented web developer

Web developer Joshua Palmier remains at the top of his game thanks to his tech firm's unique and highly specialized approach to business

CANON CITY, CO, USA, December 9, 2021 / -- Joshua Palmier is a talented web developer, and the owner and founder of a successful business focused on serving a particularly unique range of clients. This highly specialized approach has seen the IT professional and his firm prosper, catering predominantly to those in the world of holistic and spiritual healing.

"My technology company, Spiritual Development, helps holistic and spiritual healers and teachers to establish and make ongoing successes of their businesses," explains Joshua Palmier, speaking from his home in Fremont County, Colorado.

Palmier is a long-time freelance web and email developer. Spotting a gap in the market, the talented IT professional set about meeting the growing demand for support in regards to websites and email services for holistic and spiritual healers and teachers. Operations quickly grew to further accommodate clients in various associated fields, such as yoga and life coaching.

"Spiritual Development was established to support and promote highly skilled providers of spiritual practices like reiki, a form of alternative medicine called energy healing which originated in Japan," Palmier reveals, "as well as providers of yoga classes, life coaching, meditation instruction, and more."

The business owner and IT professional is, he says, also a personal advocate for various holistic and spiritual practices. "Accordingly, I'm ideally suited to provide what's ultimately an extremely focused service in a highly specialized field," adds the seasoned web developer and Spiritual Development founder.

Business for Joshua Palmier and Spiritual Development has continued to go from strength to strength. Best known for their work on platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, the operation has also established itself as a go-to for crucial email development services. "This includes everything from technical assistance," Palmier points out, "to support with email list development and vital email marketing solutions."

Joshua Palmier joins San Diego Global Knowledge University

In an effort to further enhance his expertise, Spiritual Development founder Joshua Palmier has recently enrolled in ongoing studies at San Diego Global Knowledge University. The school is dedicated to promoting unsurpassed knowledge and skills via competency-based education.

Founded online in 2007, San Diego Global Knowledge University offers a variety of educational programs, each designed to help its students to achieve their personal goals and advance their careers. The school and its team specialize in information technology, software engineering, full-stack web development, management, accounting, and international business.

Outside of his work and studies, Joshua Palmier is also passionate about meditation, yoga, reading, hiking, and working out. Prior to establishing himself as a developer, Palmier spent seven years in the military as a transportation management coordinator. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, he currently resides in Canon City, Colorado.

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