Best Psychics Websites In 2021

Psychic reading offers people hope and a sense of belonging. It can, however, become poisonous when readers take advantage of their client’s weakness by committing to a belief based on trusting someone who has little to no evidence of truth. Even though some still question the genuineness of psychic reading, many people have rightfully trusted them since the late 1800s. 

There has been a spike in people opting for psychic readings to get clarity in the past decade. It could well and good be due to the rise of online psychic websites and internet connections worldwide. 

Online Psychic Reading – A Conducive Alternative For Physical Readings 

Visiting a psychic is no longer an option, thanks to the pandemic. Most people prefer online psychic readings since they do not have to get dressed or leave their houses for a consultation. When looking for psychic reading websites or online psychics near me, you’ll undoubtedly encounter several possibilities that appeal to you. However, because most people lead busy lives and surfing for the right and trustworthy platform can become difficult. 

You can skip the hassle of finding a psychic’s address while driving there. You can communicate with online psychics by simply clicking a button. The challenge with online psychic readings is deciding which of the hundreds of alternatives is suitable for you. There are many psychic readings available online, but choosing the perfect one for you might be difficult. 

Psychic readings offer you a glimpse into your spirit, allowing you to better comprehend your difficulties and struggles in life. Unfortunately, society has developed a poor image of psychic reading, portraying it as a deceptive and false technique disconnected from reality. 

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Rise Of Online Psychic Reading Platforms Recently 

Many individuals resort to psychic reading online and free psychic reading over the phone as it has become time-saving, quick, safe, and accessible at all times. It allows individuals to get expert advice from a psychic without having to spend loads of money. Online psychic readings are conducted over the phone, by email, video calls, and live chat. The best thing about online psychics is that they are just as accurate and dependable as in-person readings. 

Some online psychic websites do background checks on their psychics and offer a money-back guarantee on your psychic reading. Moreover, because there is so much competition in the field, you can get better discounts and lower pricing for psychic readings when you do it online. 

reliable online psychics reviewed on have a flexible schedule, with opportunities to book an appointment at your convenience. You’ll be able to speak with psychics in person virtually and receive phone psychic readings. 

Should You Trust Online Psychic Reading Websites? 

Sometimes, you may keep obsessing about when genuine love will enter your life, if death is fast approaching, if your pals are true friends, and if you’ll be wealthy and own a vast mansion soon. You might be desperate to get your readings done, but you’re not sure if you can trust the person you’re about to approach. 

You’ll always question if you can consider online psychics, no matter who you are or where you reside. Why are there online psychics? How are they able to use a computer to predict your future? They have a unique ability to peer deeply into your soul. It takes some concentration, meditation, and possibly even channeling on their part, but if they are genuine, they can provide you with the counsel you require in due time. 

If an online psychic requests a deposit of a lump sum amount for your initial reading, you should be wary. If they’re willing to offer you a free lesson so you can check it out and decide if you’re happy with their services, they might well be someone who you can trust. 

Isn’t it true that nobody can be trusted until their expertise is visible these days? So, to show their experience with a psychic reading and for you to know if you can trust them, dependable psychic reading websites will give you a free reading. 

When signing up for any of their services, keep in mind to check the rates. If they’re ridiculous high, you might want to avoid them. Also, if they ask for your credit card details when you register for reading and say it’s free, they might charge your card later.  

If you don’t believe they’re trustworthy, they probably aren’t. So, do you think your online psychic is reliable? Check out some reviews to see what other people have to say about them! 

Comparing Top Three Psychic Readings Platforms 

Best Psychic Reading Websites Pros and Cons 
#1. Kasamba Pros 3 minutes of free time + 70% discount A wide range of specialties is available. Previous clients evaluate and rate each advisor. App with psychic abilities. Available by phone, chat, or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Horoscopes are available for free. Cons There are no video chat readings available. When looking for a psychic, there aren’t many alternatives for filtering. Site credit gets included in refunds, but there is no cashback. 
#2. Psychic Source Pros 3 free minutes + $1/minute low rate Daily horoscopes for all zodiac signs are available for free. Loyalty and incentives program for members One of the few websites that offers video psychics There are thousands of good customer reviews and very few complaints. Cons There is no compensation on refunds; you only get site credit. There are no email or SMS options available. 
#3. Keen Pros 10 minutes for $1.99 Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a wide selection of specialties and pricing points to choose from. Cons There will be no video readings. Psychics who are well-known might be quite costly. 

Best Psychic Reading Websites for Precise Readings 

An online psychic reading website is the most excellent option if you want to try free psychic reading without traveling to a psychic medium and spending days or weeks for a consultation.  

Here’s a quick rundown of the most fabulous psychic reading websites offering free phone psychic readings. 

Kasamba: Client Favorite Psychic Reading Platform with Expert Readers 

Kasamba is an internet psychic network that provides phone, chat, and email readings. They’ve been in operation for almost 20 years (since 1999) and have assisted over 4 million people in finding genuine love, joy, career advancement, and identity. 

Kasamba provides psychic readings, tarot readings, dream interpretation, fortune telling, love guidance, and many other services. 

Can Kasamba, on the other hand, be trusted? Are they authentic? Is it true that their readings are accurate, or is it all a ruse? We will tell you all you need to know about Kasamba in this review. 

How does the platform operate? 

Kasamba is an online platform that links psychic experts with customers and the other way around. It’s a location where psychics may register their names on the map and where customers looking for psychic services can find the best ones. 

At the top of the website, a menu categorizes all psychic consultants by their areas of expertise. There are subcategories in each subject, so no matter what kind of aid you need, there will be at least a few dozen psychics capable of meeting with you. 

You’ll also be able to check which Kasamba psychics are open for phone calls and which are available for a chat session. 

You can also arrange an email psychic reading if you choose not to have your appointment in real-time. Not all Kasamba psychics provide this service, but many do. The benefit of an email reading is that it gets offered at a fixed price. The negative is that you don’t have the same interaction with an advisor as with a traditional advisor. 

Top Features that Popularized Kasamba 

  • A Wide Range Of Readings 

Kasamba provides a little of everything, from mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, fortune-tellers, and career predictors. Each category has multiple subcategories, so you’ll be able to locate Kasamba psychics, who are professionals in that subject no matter what service you require. 

Kasamba’s initiative to educate people about psychic readings is yet another characteristic that people find intriguing. The organization runs a blog with articles on love, work, well-being, astrology, and more. Another good source to visit to learn about trusted psychic readers is 

After spending some time on the website, we discovered that the most notable benefit is the clients’ option to contact a psychic at any hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

  • App For Mobile Devices 

The Kasamba app is compatible with ios and Android users, and it’s available for free. 

  • Communication Techniques 

Another element that most users of Kasamba found useful is that you can contact Kasamba’s advisors via various channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chats. Taking advantage of their trial offer can assist you in deciding which one to test. 

As prospective clients on the site, people loved the free 3 minutes with any psychic and the 70% discount on the first session. But keep in mind that if you don’t wrap up the phone or terminate the discussion inside those three minutes, you’ll get immediately billed for the extra time. 

Kasamba has become quite popular as an internet psychic service provider. The psychic reading platform receives very little negative feedback from their customers and has provided more than what people have expected.  


The psychics set their rates, which vary significantly based on their website rating. Rates start at $1.99 per minute at the lower end of the scale and reach $30.00 for skilled and in-demand experts. 

Kasamba has the advantage of providing beginners with additional incentives, such as a 70% discount on their first session. The disadvantage is that it is one of the most expensive venues available. 

Kasamba Screening Process for Psychics 

Kasamba is continuously on the lookout for new psychics, but only the best can represent the firm. 

Potential advisers get extensively checked after providing contact information, relevant expertise, and a resume to the organization. An interview, a background check, and an inside test to validate abilities are all part of the procedure. 

In addition to rigorously vetting psychics, the organization closely monitors their performance to ensure that they maintain a high level of consumer happiness to remain on the platform. 

Kasamba has the cache to hire the finest, according to its 20-year history in the industry, and the vast majority of Kasamba reviews are positive. 

Is Kasamba safe? 

It’s scary to interact with a random stranger, particularly when revealing sensitive data like your date of birth and talking about intimate aspects of your life. 

Kasamba will help secure your details with the essential privacy policies to assure consumer safety: 

  • The HTTPS protocol encrypts your web connection with Kasamba. It protects your money and contact information from hackers, malware, and other malicious software. 
  • Kasamba never gives advisors access to your personal information so you can rest assured that nobody will be able to view your address or credit card information. Your screen name and any details you want to provide during your reading are the only things an advisor sees. 
  • Your transcripts are not visible to advisors or any other psychic. It guarantees that they aren’t gathering information from outside sources to deceive you or pretend to be clairvoyant. 

We further encourage you to make efforts to protect your privacy in conjunction with these precautions. Give no personal details to an advisor that isn’t pertinent to the reading, and never reveal passwords or credit card details. If you are convinced with the safety measures Kasamba takes for your security, visit their website and start your psychic reading session now! 
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Psychic Source: Top Psychic Reading Platform With Experience Of 3 Decades 

Psychic Source is among the industry’s earliest, most reliable, and well-respected online psychic reading businesses. Users can get a psychic reading via phone, online chat, or live video on this service, which has been around for nearly 30 years. 

Psychic Source has a vast spectrum of psychic abilities and talents to pick from, including love specialists, mediums, clairvoyants, sensitive empaths, energy therapists, and more that you can find there, with over 250 psychic readers in their system. 

Is Psychic Source, however, genuine? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Psychic Source website in this review! 

How Does The Platform Operate? 

Psychic Source is the world’s most popular online psychic reading website, with an extensive network of psychics offering anything from tarot cards to psychic readings. Unlike visiting a psychic in person, you may check the reviews and mean score for each psychic and research by specialization on the website. It will help you narrow down your selections if you’re seeking the top psychics at Psychic Source. 

The psychic source appears to have a lot of various signup options and pricing menus at first glance; you can begin using Psychic Source in one of the two ways mentioned below: 

1. Make A Phone Call To Their Psychic Hotline 

When you contact the Psychic Source hotline, the website will link you to one of their customer service employees, who will put you in touch with one of their real psychics who specializes in the queries you have. 

If you’re eager to get started, here’s the phone number for their psychic hotline: (866) 953-6748 is a toll-free number. 

2. Go to the website of The Psychic Source 

You can explore a list of possible psychics at and choose which psychic you want to speak with. Every medium or clairvoyance in their community all have their user profile where you can: 

  • Find out more about their psychic abilities 
  • Find out about their area of expertise 
  • Read testimonials and evaluations from previous clients 

They provide services such as cartomancy readings, dream interpretation, and previous life readings, among others. To go along with all of these different types of readings, Psychic Source has a large pool of psychic consultants from which to choose. They have a wide range of counselors, including love psychics and clairvoyants 

For instance, on their website, they go into great detail on the differences between structured and unstructured psychic advice, which can be extremely helpful to someone new to psychic readings. 

Unique Features Of The Psychic Source 

From the initial Psychic Source review, it is clear that this is a fantastic service. After reading a lot of customer evaluations, one gets a good idea of how the system functions and what they should and shouldn’t expect.  

The service’s key benefits are the psychic counselors’ professionalism and respect and its excellent customer service. On the other hand, we discovered Psychic Source is the most talked-about flaw: its costs. 

  • There Are Various Types of Readings 

This site provides a wide range of readings, including tarot readings and dream analysis. 

  • Channels of Communication 

Readings through phone, chat, and video enables convenience of various modes of communication. 

  • The Selection Procedure 

From tarot readers to mediums, all counselors get thoroughly screened for credibility. All of the psychic advisors have passed a background check and have user feedback on their profiles. 

  • The Process of Matching 

Price, availability, star rating, specializations, subject, and competence are all factors to consider. There are many different psychics with specialties in many disciplines, but it can be challenging to choose. 

  • The Ease With Which One Can Use It 

An easy-to-use UI with a three-step signup process. It’s pretty simple to use and join up. 

Psychic Source Filtering Options to Choose Readers 

It can be hard to determine which clairvoyant is appropriate for your scenario when there are so many excellent psychic mediums to choose from. 

Luckily, Psychic Source provides a user-friendly layout that allows users to search for advisors based on the following requirements: 

Clairaudients, clairsentients, clairvoyants, energy healers, intuitives, love psychics, pet psychics, and mediums are all types of psychics. 

Love and relationships, family, work and finances, destiny, and the loss of a loved one are all topics in this book. 

Angel cards, astrology, cartomancy, crystals, dowsing, numerology, Reiki, and tarot cards are all examples of divination techniques. 

Compassionate, direct, expressive, intellectual, and witty are all words that come to mind when I think of you. 


Three starting packages are available from Psychic Source: 

For up to 30 minutes, $20 for up to 20 minutes, and $10 for 10 minutes, you can pay $30, $20, or $10. When it comes to first-time clients, we discovered that this is a fair deal for scouting the terrain. 

Psychic source accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other popular payment options. You can add more money to your account with the press of a button after you’ve set up an account and deposited funds without having to re-enter your payment information each time. 

The cheapest psychics charge $0.66 per minute, while some of their highest-rated psychics charge up to $9 per minute. As you’ll see, there are a variety of pricing options available to suit nearly any budget. 

Also, bear in mind that more costly psychics aren’t always better than less expensive psychics. The cheapest psychic readers at are frequently fresh to the Psychic Source network and have a large audience. Regardless of the price point, you’re considering, make sure to read customer reviews before selecting someone to chat with. 

The Psychic Source Screening Process for Readers 

Every clairvoyant is put through a selection procedure by Psychic Source to provide the customer with the most incredible experience. Every psychic must complete a lengthy application and offer one or two sample psychic readings to one of their customer service employees as part of this quality assurance process.  

It is one of the characteristics that distinguishes Psychic Source from other online psychic services. To see if Psychic Source is your path to peace, enroll on their website today! 
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Keen: Psychic Reading Site With More Than 1,700 Experts Readers For Guidance 

Keen is an online psychic service provider, who has been conducting psychic readings via phone or chat since 1999. 

Since its inception, Keen has connected over 14 million individuals with psychics. There are 42 million chats about love, astrology, readings, and other topics. A psychic network like Keen allows you quick exposure to psychics who can assist you with everything from an urgent issue to resolving complicated life concerns. Other Keen reviews claim that it is one of the most user-friendly psychic websites available. 

Is Keen, on the other hand, a genuine company? Is it possible to rely on them for accurate psychic advice? Find out all you need to know about Keen Psychics by reading this honest review. 

How does the platform operate? 

The first step in getting started with Keen is to register an account on their website. Don’t panic; your private information is kept safe and never shared with other readers. 

After you’ve registered your account, you may begin looking for the ideal psychic advisor for your specific needs. It’s a relatively simple procedure, as all psychics on the Keen platform may be categorized and searched by: 

  • Availability 
  • Price 
  • Customer Rating 

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to speak with, click the “Call Now” or “Chat Now” option to contact them right away. If your spiritual reader is unavailable, you can always request a callback from your chosen counselor at a later time. 

You’ll be charged at a per-minute rate for the length of your session once it begins. After your reading is over, your credit card will get debited, so you’ll never have to worry about replenishing your account or purchasing points. 

If customers are dissatisfied, Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee that includes credit refunds. You must always conduct a background check on internet services, particularly ones like this, as a user. 

Prominent Features of Keen 

Keen provides a variety of readings, including tarot and love readings, provided by a community of psychics who get screened before being granted access to the platform. Keen also has a daily horoscope, published pieces, and a FAQ section. 

Keen makes choosing a trustworthy psychic online simple. Users can see the same user-friendly design in the Keen app. It offers a simple search tool, scheduling options, and extensive troubleshooting information. 

The mobile app gives you the same access to and insight into your favorite psychics as the desktop version where you may write or read reviews, and sort psychics by their specialty. Keen has also added the Best Match function to assist new users in finding their ideal psychic. 

  • User Reviews On Each Psychic Profile 

Customers’ opinions are essential. According to studies, 73% of customers believe personal consumer feedback is more valuable than a quantitative rating system. A review can provide context and depth that a single statistic can’t. Every Keen psychic has a consumer review available. People use them as a screening tool to describe their stories and forecast accuracy. Each review aids in the search for a suitable psychic. 

The following are some of the top psychic readings accessible at Keen: 

Readings on the financial outlook will help you solve any money-related concerns. If you have concerns about your income or employment and want a career prognosis from one of the finest Keen psychics, this reading option is also an excellent alternative. 

Mediums communicate with a deceased family member and give any important messages they wish to convey to you. This choice is likely to be a suitable fit if you need to communicate with somebody who has passed away or if you have any queries for them. 

Tarot card readings can assist you in obtaining answers to broad inquiries or tapping into your total energy. Their tarot deck contains 78 cards, each with a picture that can bring insight into any scenario, learn more about online tarot readers at 

Psychics specializing in love and relationship readings especially inform subjects like soulmates and divorce. 

There is no clear note on their website that indicates how chosen psychics get vetted. Several reviews claim, however, that the service conducts background checks on all of its psychic consultants. 

Assurance of Satisfaction By Keen 

This website is so confident that you will be content with their services that they provide a money-back guarantee. This psychic site offers a full refund with no questions if your encounter falls short of your expectations. 

They give out refunds in Keen dollars, which may get applied to future readings. A maximum refund of $25 is available, excluding promotional funds. Make sure to file a complaint as soon as possible. The satisfaction guarantee is only valid for readings taken within the last three days, and you can only use it once per month. 


When compared to its rivals, Keen psychic reading offers fair costs, according to evaluations. You can purchase 10 minutes for $1.99 to add to your initial package in addition to the first three free minutes. 

It’s tough to predict how much your session will cost because Keen psychics determine their charges. Most readings cost $15 to $20 on average, with psychics costing $3.50 per minute on average. The most expensive advisors charge upwards of $40 each minute. 

It’s challenging to find the most excellent Keen psychics without busting the budget because of the potentially exorbitant fees. There are many qualified and reasonably priced options, thankfully. 

Is Keen legit? 

Keen isn’t a sham; the company has been around for over 20 years and has provided millions of people with accurate psychic readings. However, there are some bad apples in the bunch, as with any of the finest online psychic reading sites, which is regrettable. 

One of the best things about Keen is that all of its expert readers are publicly evaluated and reviewed on the website. So, if a psychic isn’t accurate, they’ll get a low rating, and you’ll be able to ignore them easily. If you are keen on acquiring psychic reading from Keen, visit their website and become a user today! 

How to choose the correct psychic for yourself? 

One of the most prominent advantages of online psychic reading according to this source is the convenience of attending a session from home, however, the uncertainty of authenticity of the platform is a hurdle. To avoid this, we’ll go through the four most important things to look for while looking for a trustworthy psychic website in this article

  • If you know someone who has worked with psychics, ask them. 

Someone who has firsthand knowledge is likely to be the most reliable source of information. Getting a psychic reading no longer gets regarded as taboo, as it once was. Ask around to see if anyone knows of a reputable psychic website they have used and are happy with — this is your best chance. Even if they weren’t happy, you now have a website to cross off your list. 

  • Check out the customer reviews. 

You can always rely on reviews if you don’t know someone who has done it before. Take individual evaluations with a grain of salt because some people leave untrustworthy ratings. On the other side, good rating websites collect a large amount of data into a score, ensuring that trustworthy reviews outnumber false ones. To summarize, reading reputable reviews like the one above will allow you to research the finest psychic websites without having to rely solely on your intuition. 

When it refers to psychic readings, sites may offer many different services – tarot reading, spontaneous writing, divination, and so on – and not every psychic believes all of them to be their strongest trait. It means that, even if one psychic service has a higher overall rating than the other, you should think about the type of reading you want. There’s a possibility the other website does it better, so make sure you check it out. 

  • Examine their social media accounts. 

Social media is always a reliable indicator of how a company, website, or other comparable entity operates. Their postings, as well as how people react to them, show how devoted they are. You can also learn a lot about the website’s specialty and how great they are at what they do by watching how people react to it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does Kasamba offer free minutes to new users? 

Yes, Kasamba has a feature where they offer free 3-minutes chat for first time users. If the call exceeds three minutes, the user starts getting charged.  

Q2. Are the readers authentic and experienced on Psychic Source? 

Yes, all the readers associated with Psychic Source have to first qualify the screening process, where they have to prove their experience and provide one or two sample readings to the customer service personnel’s.  

Q3. Is psychic reading from Keen costlier than other platforms? 

No, in comparison to its competitors, Keen charges fairly. They charge $1.99 for 10 minutes which is affordable and worth it. 

Q4. Can I rely on customer reviews while choosing an online psychic reading platform? 

Yes, customer reviews are a great way to check the legitimacy of the website and their psychic reading services.  

Q5. Are there apps for all the online psychic reading platforms? 

Yes, Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Keen, all three of these platforms have apps that can be downloaded and used anywhere, anytime.  

You don’t allow a psychic to solve your problems and provide answers to all of your questions, regardless of how good they are. Psychics are there to help you find your way, to give you insight into things you wouldn’t see for yourself, and to put you on the right track. 

As we’ve already mentioned, research is crucial when choosing a suitable psychic website or, for that matter, any service out there. Don’t just trust your gut; do your homework and follow the tips in the sections above, and you’ll find what you’re looking for! 

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