Uses, Benefits & How To Pick One

Auster explains that working with singing bowls requires a degree of intentionality and mindfulness, as well as consistency, "to gain a better sense of the sounds you and your instrument are capable of producing together."

You can start your singing bowl journey by attending a sound bath guided by a sound healer. If you like what you hear, both Auster and Schieffelin offer online trainings to help get you started facilitating your own sound bathing journey.

"If you feel called to work with crystal bowls," Schieffelin notes, "studying with a qualified teacher and becoming part of a supportive community of sound healers can have a profound impact on helping you feel empowered, confident, supported, and successful on your path."

One of the first questions you might ask when looking to start playing your own singing bowl is how to pick one. According to Schieffelin, you want to find a bowl that's ethically sourced and made. Your best bet is to work with an experienced sound healer who can help educate and guide you to the bowl(s) that will best support your personal practice, she adds. She personally recommends Crystal Tones singing bowls.

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