Rebalance Foot Zone Therapy Business Q&A Aberdeen sd

Rebalance Foot Zone Therapy, 224 1st Ave. S.E., Aberdeen

Jolene Malsam, owner of Rebalance Foot Zone Therapy, answered the following questions.

Jolene Malsam is the owner of Rebalance Foot Zone Therapy.

Q:  Tell us about your business. 

A:  Foot zone therapy focuses on rebalancing the entire body by applying pressure and therapeutic touch techniques to zones in the feet to relieve pain and illness, release stress and tension, and increase rest and relaxation.

Foot zone therapy is performed by applying pressure to and stimulating touch techniques with knuckles, thumbs, fingers or tools on the feet to points and zones that communicate to the rest of the body.  It is a form of acupressure that addresses all of the cells, tissues, organs and systems in the body to work towards correcting any imbalances or issues in the body as a whole rather than approaching a single symptom.

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