How To Know Holistic Energy Healing Is Right For You | Patricia Bonnard

When is it time to explore holistic energy healing?

A look at the common reasons why people seek holistic energy healing can help you make a decision about it for yourself. However, in reality, only you can say when it's appropriate for you to explore holistic energy healing.

First things first, what is meant by "healing," "holistic," and "holistic energy healing?"

Once you create a common understanding of these terms, you can explore the reasons why others turn to this type of healing with an aim to help you clarify the decision for yourself.

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What is holistic energy healing?

Standard definitions of healing have something to do with restoring health, physical healing, treatments to address conditions or illness, etc.

In contrast, energy healers take a more expansive view.

Healing re-balances a person physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically.

In fact, many alternative practitioners adhere to the idea that the clients (patients) heal themselves and, ultimately, all healing is self-healing.

In addition, holistic practitioners help their clients address mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic issues. It's all healing.

The term "holistic" could be taken in two ways.

First, a holistic modality treats the whole person as compared to conventional medicine, which targets a particular condition or part of the body.

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