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Tarot Card Reading Class with Wendy
Would you like to learn how to read tarot cards in a fun and entertaining way? Please come and join us for an interactive class! We will cover the history of tarot divination, card meanings and practice some tarot card spreads. Please bring a Rider Waite tarot deck with you.
Class cost is $45. and will be on September 12th from 1:00-4:00 pm. As a special promotion, when you pre-register by September , the first eight people will receive a free deck of cards included with the class cost. The workshop will be $40. at the door and the instructor will have a limited amount of tarot cards for sale. It is recommended that you purchase cards ahead of time via Amazon or a local bookstore. Please contact Deborah Ann to pre-register at 724-348-8063 or 412-927-9679.
We will have a blast learning the tarot together! See below for information about the instructor:
Wendy has been intuitive since childhood. She has always felt a strong connection to the angelic realm. As a teacher, she has been in service to special needs students for over 20 years. They have taught her that we are all connected by one Unified Source. Through their innocence and joy, the mysteries of all that is unfolds. Children have inspired her to explore more healing modalities such as tarot, reiki and dowsing. Wendy is a certified Reiki Master and an adept dowser/healer. One of Wendy’s favorite tools to use for Divination is tarot cards. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others for their ultimate empowerment!
Door Admission:$5 to the Mystical Psychic Fair

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