How To Find The Best Reiki Practitioner For You | Patricia Bonnard

When you're seeking healing energy in the form of a Reiki session, the session should match your needs and preferences. After all, it's your healing session.

Since not all sessions are alike, you need to take the time to speak with a variety of providers to find a Reiki practitioner who's best for you. 

Ask questions about their background and what your session will be like, and whether they're a Reiki master or an instructor.

That way, you'll have better chances of finding a practitioner and session that works.

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Here are 5 tips on how to find a Reiki practitioner for your Reiki session.

1. Look at the practitioner's qualifications.

Not all practitioners have the same Reiki training. They could have Level I, Level II, or Level III/Master training.

Level I: These practitioners typically integrate Reiki into another primary healing modality such as massage therapy, acupressure, etc. They likely incorporate Reiki to enhance the energetic and healing aspects of these modalities.

Level II: These practitioners will often offer Reiki as a stand-alone modality. I tell my Reiki students that Level II is when a person is ready to be a professional Reiki practitioner.

These practitioners learn additional techniques to facilitate Reiki healing. At this stage, the practitioner moves from being essentially a passive channel to one who calls in different vibrations and qualities of life force energy.

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