Does Energy Healing Work? Watch ‘Healer’ Charlie Goldsmith And Decide For Yourself

Does energy healing work? Charlie Goldsmith knows it does and—if seeing is believing—he'll make you a believer with his new show, The Healer on TLC.

But this isn't smoke and mirrors. The Australian energy healer, who reluctantly discovered his talent at the ripe age of 18, is now on a mission to take energy medicine mainstream. To date, Goldsmith has volunteered his time—and talents—to two scientific studies. An additional double-blind study is slated for 2018.

In the first study, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2015, he treated 50 reports of pain at a 76% success rate and 29 reports of non-pain problems at a 79% success rate. The study, conducted at NYU's Lutheran Hospital, is also what caught the attention of Bunim/Murray and landed him a TV deal. The second is still underway.


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