I Tried Reiki, the Energy Healing Technique Celebs Love

After about 15 minutes, Kelsey had me lay down, and more traditional Reiki ensued. She placed her hands on my head and started softly chanting under her breath. I could feel my head immediately warm up, and my ears felt really hot. She worked her way down my body, holding her hands just above me—sometimes chanting, sometimes just being quiet. Despite having my eyes closed, I could "feel" her just above my skin. Wherever she was hovering, my body would go really hot and then suddenly get cold and then go hot again. I swear I could see lights dancing in front of my eyes.

After just one session, I felt incredibly light and relaxed. My mind was so quiet—the complete opposite of the usual ticker tape of things whizzing through it at any given moment. The most noticeable effects of my Reiki session came after I left Kelsey's apartment. Maybe I was just in a good mood or the world sensed my energy, but as I drove home, I noticed cars ahead of me were moving out of my lane, almost like they were parting the way for me. When my mom called later that night, we had a really good conversation about what had been bothering me, and the conflict then resolved itself easily. I felt like I could think more clearly about decisions I needed to make, large or small. Even the stress around making those decisions didn't feel as great.

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