Welcome to the National Association of Professional Healers: Unifying Energy Practitioners

AUSTIN, Texas--()--The National Association of Professional Healers (NAPH) is the first trade association uniting energy healer practitioners worldwide to promote the profession and provide resources and guidelines. The field of energy healing shows impressive results for people’s growth, personal and physical healing, and empowerment. NAPH brings to light the importance of the healing arts to unify, connect, and spread deep healing worldwide.

Becoming a member allows practitioners to hold a seal of approval as part of a trade organization aligned with a code of ethics, client bill of rights, scopes of practice, and part of a great community of like-minded healers. With business connections, business development skills, and the field of energy healing gaining more recognition, members are surrounded by a respected community of like-minded healers who work with an association of high standards.

“I am thrilled to join forces with NAPH to provide ethical guidelines and new resources around the practice of Energy Healing,” says provider Wendy De Rosa, who runs the School of Intuitive Studies. “I train healers and teach programs in intuition and intuitive healing, so it is important to me healing professionals can unite and support the field of energy healing.”

The association announced its first-ever annual conference, which will be held April 3 - 5, 2020 in Austin, TX. The conference will enable healers to tribe build, discuss visionary ideas, attend enlightening talks, network, grow through breakout sessions and experience multiple healing modalities. The conference provides four different features - Exploration, Revitalization, Connection, and Healing techniques, allowing practitioners to support themselves and their clients, while meeting industry influencers and leaders.

Practitioners can sign up now for membership on the website, as well as explore different benefits partners. Schools/Providers can register with NAPH to provide relevant training or beneficial coursework to members.

The National Association of Professional Healers (NAPH) was founded in 2019 to expand the field of energy healing by unifying practitioners and advancing the profession of energy healing. NAPH provides standards of ethics, practice, certifications, education, and membership benefits to energy healers of all types. Membership provides healers with exclusive networking events, cutting edge training, business development and marketing tools, and many other resources available only through NAPH.

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