Reiki Healer Ayush Gupta And His Healers Are Healing Corona Patients

In his recent interview, well renowned celebrity tarot card reader and reiki healer who is loved by the tinsel town, Reiki healer Ayush Gupta and his healers are healing corona patients.

This second wave of COVID 19 pandemic which has hit our country India really brutally, and now we all are constantly living under the threat that when this bad time will come to an end and post seeing so many people suffer endlessly in Mumbai, even the well renowned reiki healer Ayush Gupta and his healers are healing corona patients.

Doing his bit to help the patients and people heal effectively from the deadly COVID 19 disease, reiki healer Ayush Gupta and his healers are healing corona patients.

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The pandemic is far from over, and we all are living under constant tension thinking when these bleak times will come to an end. Seeing so many people suffer, everyone is trying their best to extend as much support to each other in whatever way possible. Reiki healer-tarot card reader Ayush Gupta too is trying to do his bit.

Sharing the details on same in his latest interview, Ayush said, “These are very tough times for all of us, and as Reiki healer it’s my responsibility to heal people and help them get back their inner strength. Each and every human being is helping one another. By God’s grace I have the positive energy in me that I can use to heal people”.

Furthermore, also opening up on how he has created a group that is healing people everyday, Ayush added, “I have gathered a few good healers and created a group. The purpose of this group is to heal corona patients and till now we have helped 70 of them. It gives us immense joy when they speak about feeling better”.

Apart from taking care of the physical health, Gupta shares that one can do a few things to retain mental peace. He also urges people to indulge in acts of kindness to feel better and revealing more on this point in the latest tete a tete conversational interview off late, the well known celebrity tarot card reader and reiki healer Ayush Gupta asserted, “To stay happy you need to find out what you enjoy doing and also help others. Like for me, as I had mentioned before that during this pandemic when I am able to help someone it makes me very happy. Also, self-meditation and healing makes me more energetic and positive.

Also adding the bit on how he indulges in talking to people for making them feel happy and positive and to divert their mind from this bleak time and deadly disease and also to increase their optimism, Ayush signed off by telling, “I try to talk to a lot of people to make them feel positive about themselves. Looking around everyone is under tremendous mental pressure and tension and mostly feeling negative and dull. I try to talk them out of that darkness so that they feel better”.

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