Protecting Our Energy & Setting Summer Intentions With Madi Murphy Of ‘CosmicRx’ (Who’s Bringing You Your Spiritual Wellness Fix Out East This Summer!)

Do you have a ‘Cosmic Consultant’ on speed dial? If not, what are you waiting for?! Allow us to introduce you to Madi Murphy, who’s helping people far and wide show up as their fullest selves, with the aid of her spiritual pharmacy, prescription filler, and lifeline of sorts, CosmicRx. Founded on the formula of helping everyone show up at their best, Murphy has carved a place for herself as a provider for people to obtain a life “rich in color, confidence, and creativity, with sensuality, joy, and pleasure to be found in each and every moment.” Sign us up, stat! The Daily caught up with her to hear what we can do to wrangle our spiritual wellness into check. The master will see you now….

Tell me about your background in spiritual wellness and what lead up to your journey to start CosmicRx?
Growing up, I always had a strong spiritual connection to life and to the world. I was that kid making potions in the woods, making little altars of seashells and crystals and talking to the trees. Well into my adolescence, I had this fascination with the mystical side of life and a deep-seated belief that magic was real. However, once I started to cross that threshold into entering the “real world” (whatever that means) in college I felt this pressure to let that part of me go and pour my focus into more “practical things.” It wasn’t until my Saturn Return (an astrological coming of age that happens when you are around 27-30-years-old) that I realized I had been living a life that wasn’t actually super authentic. As I had an existential crisis of sorts, it was only through returning to the healing tools and spiritual wisdom of my youth that I started to find a way back to myself. From there, I wanted to share these “cosmic wellness” tools and practices with everyone I knew so I started gathering with a small group of women in Montauk. I kept having these dreams and little “downloads” about gathering women. I had no idea what I was doing when I put together my first circle but everyone who came was so incredible, open and willing.

Tell us more…
What we experienced in these “goddess circles” seemed to validate the intuitive nudge I was getting. As we continued to gather, I observed a few amazing things happen. One: we all just sort of *knew* what to do. It was as if we all instinctively understood the magic that happened when we gathered- especially with the new or full moon—and we let that lead us. Two: we also felt held, as if we were connected to the generations of women who have been doing this since the beginning of time. It was truly humbling; like being part of some larger weaving of feminine energy. And the third thing realization is that these circles held powerful medicine. Our circles were always equal parts sacred and silly. It was like whatever we needed when we got there appeared. We not only had fun and had a space to witness each other and be seen, but, pretty quickly, we started seeing RESULTS! Relationships being healed, businesses being launched, babies being conceived, and the list goes on. Most importantly, we tapped into this ancient alchemy that happens when you combine community, self-care, and working with the moon. From there, it was like the path found me. Amazing mentors found me and I began to study with internationally-renowned healers and teachers learning about everything from reiki to herbs, astrology to past life regressions and neuroplasticity to dream interpretations. The past few years have been like an initiation into seeing a whole different side of life.

How did CosmicRx come to be?
My now business partner and CosmicRx co-founder, Audrey Rudolf, was one of the women who started attending these circles. After seeing how powerful it was, we decided we wanted to share what we tapped into with as many women as possible. We wanted to teach these practices that had helped us access such deep levels of self- love, intuition, pleasure and purpose. But… we quickly found that a lot of people were intimidated, skeptical, or just straight up confused by spirituality or that it was some silly “woo woo” stuff. So, we set out on a mission to make spirituality accessible, digestible and, most
importantly, fun.

What is CosmicRx’s involvement out in the Hamptons this summer? What do people need to know?
We have a weekly beach meditation every Monday at Hero Beach Club. This is like your energetic detox and reset after the weekend. We are so grateful to partner with Neom Organics to make it a full multi-sensory experience: the powers of scent, the sea and the salt air create a perfect environment to tune into the good energy of Montauk. Montauk is, quite literally, such a magical place. Surrounded by so many different bodies of water and with beaches that are made up of crushed up crystals, it’s no wonder that anyone who has ever been to Montauk can acknowledge there is “good energy” there. The indigenous Montaukett people have always viewed the land as a living, sacred entity. However, most people are so busy working, partying, or bopping around that they don’t get to understand all of the medicine Montauk offers. So, Monday Meditations are one of our solutions to that. They are a great way to tune into yourself, tap into the restorative powers of nature, recharge after the weekend and reset your vibe for the week ahead. We also are doing a Crystals and Cocktails workshop every Wednesday at The 8th Drifter. These are cosmic wellness workshops where we may do anything from learning how to work with tarot cards, doing 1:1 readings or having a Full Moon ceremony on the beach. Montauk is such a powerful place for spiritual healing and manifestation, so we wanted to offer a dedicated space to dive a little deeper, if that’s your thing.

How does spiritual wellness positively impact or change your life and everyday moments for you?
Spiritual wellness does so much—from helping me cultivate a sense of inner peace to positively affecting my relationships. But, most of all, it reminds me that I am so much bigger than the small details that can sometimes make life feel hectic, chaotic, or random. I used to live in this frantic but dazed state of moving from one task to the next, never feeling like I was doing enough or constantly looking for something outside of myself that would satisfy *that* part of me. When I started to tap into my spiritual side, I was surprised that it not only helped me feel more connected to a higher power, but also to people around me. Getting in touch with my intuition helped me access more clarity and self-trust when it comes to making everyday choices. It also helped me learn how to tap into real self- love and move out of a place of constant self-doubt and self- loathing. And also, it helped me realize that we are also here to enjoy our lives and we can lead with pleasure (not pressure!). All of this helps our actions become more consistent with our beliefs and values which helps us step into deeper alignment, which helps us live with less stress, more grace and ease.

What does living a ‘spiritual life’ mean to you?
It doesn’t mean being perfect or positive all the time. It’s about living with more flow, less force. No matter our environment, our minds are constantly buzzing with thoughts and responsibilities. It’s easy to become consumed in the chaos of to-dos, texts, and tiny minutiae. It’s easy to lose sight of what we’re most passionate about and pull us out of actually enjoying our life. Spiritual wellness not only helps me slow down and reflect, but also re-energize and cultivate purpose. As humans, we are hardwired to want to feel purpose and connection so when we aren’t making time for that we can feel lost, numb, drained or unclear. I still have a tendency to move suuuuper fast, so having all of these tools help me slow down which brings mindfulness to everyday moments and reminds me how making small moments sacred can turn even something like making the bed. When we really truly embody the fact that we can’t miss anything that is meant for us, we will stop grasping and chasing things. Spiritual wellness has the power and capability to make our decisions and choices easier, ground us during periods of change and give us the resiliency to survive with grace and inner peace in the face of adversity. It also empowers us to remember we are the co-creators, co-authors and co-architects of our life. Essentially, spiritual wellness helps me connect  to my “why” and gives me tools to come back to myself over and over again.

What can people look forward to by becoming a CosmicRx member?
In our Cosmic Rx community, we offer live group coachings, healing ceremonies, energy clearings, and other tools to help you show up consistently for your own expansion. We call it the “Cosmic Fit Club” because it’s like spiritual fitness. We all know the amazing feelings that can come from a spiritual “high” and having a deep “a-ha” moment about your life. Our community provides you the tools of what to do next and how to make real, long-lasting, and sustainable change from the inside out. We have coaches who specialize in everything from moon manifesting, astrology, mindset work, relationship coaching, embodiment practices, Human Design, energy medicine, breathwork and more. We also are constantly working on new workshops and offerings for our community to help fuel their personal evolution and revolution. Self-care is so important but so is community support. This is how we are going to change the world!

What are you personally up to in the Hamptons this summer?
Montauk is my happy place and summertime is the season I like to charge up my “soul-ar panel” for the year by having adventures, unplugging when possible, and meeting new people. Some of my favorite spots to eat are The Crow’s Nest (of all the places I have traveled this has the most magical ambience, fantastic service and a killer wine list), Salivars (ridiculously delicious sushi with a view of the docks) and Best Pizza and Dive Bar (what can I say? I love a good slice and a cold beer!). For shopping, Beach Taun, The 8th Drifter, and Quincy are my favorite clothing boutiques. I love to support these small (and female-owned) businesses. They each offer a curation of the most unique treasures and finds of things that nail the laidback, surf aesthetic. And, of course, time in nature is what makes summer magic: bonfires on the beach, sunset paddles, and maybe even a little moonlit skinny-dipping.

When you say setting summer intentions, what is some advice you can give people trying to channel that?
Setting an intention is a bit different than setting a goal. A goal is a plan or commitment you make to achieving something in the future. An intention serves more as a guide; a feeling you want to manifest purposefully and put it out there in
the world. I started setting intentions when I was trying to tap into my purpose: I felt so distracted, unfocused, and unclear. Setting intentions helped me find direction and my true north. With all the noise and distractions that we face on a daily basis, setting intentions offer us a way to check into something bigger. I like to start by reminding people that they are already setting intentions all the time. Our thoughts and actions direct us towards creating our reality. Intentions are basically using your thoughts as a blueprint. Before you build, make or do anything you have to think of it first. Setting an intention is just being conscious with your thoughts while activating a part of your creative manifestation superpowers.

Any advice on where to start?
Here are three prompts I recommend to set intentions:

1. Why do you want this intention to manifest? As you may have guessed, plugging into your why is important. Keep in mind: there’s no right or wrong. Let’s say you want to write a book this summer. Why do you want to? Maybe it’s to fulfill a childhood dream or to have something that will challenge you.
2. What emotions will you experience when this intention manifests? Somewhat related to the previous question, but taking it one step deeper: how will you feel when your intention manifests. Maybe you want to feel creative, purposeful or proud of yourself.
3. How can you anchor this intention into your daily life? You want to find a way to work with this intention as much as possible. Leave yourself little hints and reminders of it! I like to work with a crystal as my “rock solid reminder” of my intention. Or maybe you create a calendar notification that goes off once a day that says, “Congrats on your book deal!”

If you want to take it one step further: create an affirmation that is centered on the emotions from step two. Affirmations are one of the most effective mindset tools to shift the subconscious and release old beliefs. You can create your own affirmations by writing present-tense “I am” statements that you say to yourself, leave on little post-its or make the wallpaper of your phone. Or you can text us “I AM MAGIC” to 1-917-708-7248 to receive free daily affirmations to phone.

Tell me a little more about energy detox and protection for summer 2021…what do we need to know?
This is a summer where a lot of us are being asked to make a big change. 2020 was a reset that woke up a lot of us to a new truth. For Summer 2021, the energy protection is all about what we need to stay in our truth, be our most authentic self and trust ourselves. Even though it’s very exciting the world is re-opening, it’s still important to carve our time to check in with ourselves so we can act on whatever a-ha moments we had in quarantine. Also, it’s important to stay grounded as a way to keep anxiety and weird energy at bay. Ways to do this are being in nature, working with crystals, meditating, decluttering your spaces and practicing mini digital detoxes often.

What is CosmicRx’s main philosophy?
To make spirituality accessible, approachable and affordable. We want to help people be a force of positive change in the world by giving them tools. Tools to tap into intuition over influence, understand real self-love instead of self-loathing, and make choices through pleasure rather than pressure. The world needs more heart-centered creatives, purpose driven entrepreneurs and soulful CEOs leading as an example for others. You don’t have to give up your day job to live a “high vibe” life. You deserve to live a life in alignment with your passion and purpose. We are here to help you nourish your stardust and remember your superpowers.

What are you looking forward to this summer now that restrictions are fully lifted?
Live music. Music is such medicine and it’s like a part of my soul was missing last summer without concerts. And, hugs. I am a hugger!

What is your best advice for keeping a healthy mind and spirit overall?
Showing up for your truth over and over again. Carve out time to listen to yourself. And don’t take yourself so seriously!

What’s next for you & CosmicRx?
So many things! We are working on some top-secret projects but one thing I can share is we are launching our own oracle deck called Notes From Your Higher Self. They are not your typical spiritual card deck. They are filled with cheeky, sassy real talk to help you tap into your inner cosmic baddie.

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