How To Deal With Someone Else’s Negative Energy: A Reiki Guide


We've all been there. We can be going about our day, minding our own business, aligned in our own flow of positive energy, when we are confronted with someone whose negative energy is so strong and pervasive—you can literally feel it like it's a tangible layer of heaviness or ickiness on you.

Maybe it's your co-worker who comes to the office with an aura of exhaustion and apathy, or maybe it's an old college acquaintance you run into on the train who still seems to be simmering on something that happened between you years ago. Maybe it's your partner, at home, unwilling to share what's on their mind and instead trying to draw you into their negativity through passive-aggression.

What do you do when someone else's negative energy seems to invade your space or shift the vibe in the room? The next time you're having a good day, and you find yourself face to face with someone who is radiating negative energy, remember these simple steps to stay unaffected and maintain your own vibration:

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