Enhance Overall Wellness Through Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is not magic. Instead, it is a powerful, transformative modality that helps us shed emotional traumas, blockages, burdens, old beliefs and baggage that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. On the onset, the concept may seem like a lot to process. How does it help with traumas? What do I expect from the experience? Before my very first encounter with this practice, I asked: “Will I have to conjure any spirits or ghosts?”

Even in the age of Google where information is so easily accessed and consumed, mysticism and occultism are common misconceptions surrounding Shamanism. This has to do with its deep roots in ancient times that go beyond the birth of religion. In truth, it is no different from yoga. It recommends a path for living instead of being affixed on doctrine or dogma. Shamanism can cut across religions and cultures, the same way that a devout Catholic may choose to practice Vinyasa or go into regular meditation. They are also similar in the sense that its various forms and philosophies are time-honored. In fact, some studies published by the University of Minnesota writes: “Many formalized religions, from Buddism to Christianity, came from ancient shamanic roots and still bear the shamanic threads of deep connection to the divine in all things.”


Sabrina Villard, whose energy healing practice is anchored on her shamanic lineage begins: “I usually call my sessions ‘therapy for lazy people.’ No work required, just relax and allow me to guide you. You just need to be ready to face yourself and evolve.” Sessions with Sabrina can be booked via Balance Health or through her platform, VHealing. They can be facilitated in-person or through Zoom. She explains that even from a distance, she could access one’s energy field to clear, balance and remove blockages. Sabrina details, “My shamanic healing practice focuses on shedding light on the root or source of any emotional traumas or blockages to help you step forward in life.”

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