COVID-19 forced reiki master “to pivot for the better”

One might think the pandemic would be a crushing blow for a practitioner of reiki. The opposite is true for Monej Cruz, owner of Potent Habit.

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“(The pandemic) pushed me out of the nightlife industry of 11 years, which pushed me fully onto my path as a healer and creative,” Cruz says. “Because I had no distractions and a normal sleep cycle, I have had a huge boost in business. It’s amazing what happens when you commit whole-heartedly to your purpose ... and you have proper sleep.”

Reiki, a former of energy healing in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, can also be done remotely. And as a result, Cruz has gone all-in with her practice.

What is your background and how was Potent Habit conceived?

It began with having interest in learning about reiki after working with healers who had helped me open up and recognize my healing abilities. Once I became a reiki master, I wanted to name my practice. I recalled a teacher encouraging me to practice on myself every day saying, “five minutes is better than no minutes.” From that, I understood it to be a habit. What type of habit, though? I played around with words and then it hit me that the most fitting word to describe healing energy is that it is potent. Potent Habit. Some people thought it sounded drug-related, but it didn’t bother me. I usually go against the norms, so it was perfect and that is how Potent Habit was conceived.

What services and products do you offer?

I offer reiki, sound, emotion code and body code sessions, along with space clearings and oracle card readings. I create custom crystal jewelry pieces and malas that are energetically charged with the desired intentions. I have a Potent massage gun line, and I am working on rolling out a line of candles and jewelry as a separate brand I am calling Conduit.

Who are your clients?

Most of my clients have been women between the ages of 25 and 45, but I have worked with a range of males and females varied from 16 to their 60s. I love children and would love to work with them to encourage their child spirit and imagination. I see that happening in teaching about crystals and energy through courses, but most excitingly through book writing.

Where did you receive your reiki training, and do you lean toward a specific belief system?

I learned here in Vegas. I had a couple of teachers, and the journey was an interesting one. The biggest lesson I learned was discernment.

I believe in the universe, creator, angels and guides ... even entities of all sorts. I am spiritual and believe we are all spiritual beings having the opportunity to inhabit a physical body living out spiritual experiences.

What sets you apart from other reiki practitioners?

Probably the biggest thing is coaching, and I give homework. A lot of the time, it’s not just about giving my clients a cleansing and aligning experience, but it’s about helping them take action in their lives to achieve what they want. I love being able to help ignite them to find the answers ... and the follow-up is how I know they listened, did their homework and they have experienced the shifts. It’s pretty amazing to see what a lot of them are doing even through these times of a pandemic.

What are the benefits of reiki during COVID-19?

Reiki is a great way to tap into and ignite the natural healing ability we have within us. Think of it as accelerating the process. It promotes relaxation and stress relief, and lessens anxiety and pain. Reiki assists in raising one’s vibration, with the focus to align and balance our energy centers. We are all energy beings, and when the frequencies within us are low and out of alignment, it allows for disruptions and disease to enter ... and open up space to trap things like negative emotions and attract entities into our field. COVID-19 has forced me to pivot for the better. All of my work I can do from a distance in my own space and connect with others via phone or Zoom. I love this because it means I can continue to work from anywhere and serve others while they are in the comfort of their own space.

How do you give back to the community?

Besides the charities I have contributed to and helped with, I have donated many sessions to others who are especially in need and cannot afford to pay. In my own space I send out energy to whoever is need and to whatever is going on in the world. Anytime I see an accident, homeless people, and even people pulled over by a cop, I immediately send energy their way to help. I know in my heart it’s one of the greatest things I can do because loving and positive energy is potent and real.

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