Auckland Reiki healer says ‘guided energy healing’ on the rise for stressed, burnt-out Kiwis

Heading along to Scott's Grey Lynn clinic to indulge in a 90 minute guided energy healing, I wasn't sure what to expect. But lying back on the comfortable bed and covered by a snuggly blanket, it actually was akin to lying back for a facial or massage - just fully clothed. 

As Scott began placing her hands across my head, heart and limbs, I actually dozed off for a little bit - but I'm not sure if that was due to the healing vibes or just the exhaustion of the first week back at work.

After essentially 60 minutes of nap time, I felt absolutely incredible and clearer than I had all week at work. 

Scott made notes throughout the process and gave me a rundown of some of the blockages and things she had picked up on throughout my healing. 

Most of them were extremely bang on, including notes about my relationships with my family, work, partner and friends. 

I left feeling light as a feather; similar to leaving a therapy session but with more snoozing and far fewer tears - although crying is encouraged if the need arises during your session. 

Whether you're looking for healing, more energy or just a sublime cozy nap - maybe skip the next F45 session and head to Scott's clinic for a session instead. Your cortisol levels will thank you. 

This session was gifted to Newshub for review purposes.

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