Zenfest brings together alternative healers from throughout Nebraska | Grand Island Local News

“It can tell you where you might need to work different areas of their life or need to work on different energies, such as if you have low energy Chakra in your body then you know that there was some things you can do to feed that area of your life,” May said.

Meditation, essential oils and sound healing

Another vendor at Zenfest was Angela Mayo, who operates Intuitive Healing, which is based in Kearney. She is a certified life coach, Reiki Master and crystal healer.

Mayo said Intuitive Healing started out giving clients Reiki sessions, but added other practices to her business to help people.

Some of the other healing techniques she has added to her practice includes meditation, essential oils and sound healing.

She also practices once a week in Grand Island at A Higher Plane.

Mayo said nearly all of what she does to help people is intuitive, which reflects in the name of her business.

With a background in psychology, Mayo said she has always been blessed with the ability to be intuitive.

“A lot of people who come to me are a little skeptical about what I do,” Mayo said.

She said many of the healing arts she has mastered also have helped her deal with anxiety and depression in her life.

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