Spiritual healers ,tarot card readers calm minds amid COVID-19- The New Indian Express

Up until recently, for a large majority of people, COVID-19 was something that happened to others. But in the past month, disease and death have hit closer to home, taking a toll on people’s mental health. To calm their turbulent minds, many people are seeking out spiritual healing and approaching tarot card readers.

Celebrity numerologist and tarot card reader Sheelaa M Bajaj says more people are approaching her than before. "From the first lockdown, we have been getting many calls from people who are living under the fear of infection and uncertainty about the future. The calls have gone up so much that the strength of our staff has gone up from three to 26 now," says Bajaj, who recently shifted base from Bengaluru to Dubai.

She says that it is only normal for people to have negative feelings during this time. "In a situation like this, one is bound to feel anxious. But there is always a spiritual way like meditation, reiki healing etc that people can follow, to deal with the situation," says Bajaj.

Tarot reader Revathy Krishnakumar agrees. She says people are currently living in such fear energy that they are bound to be surrounded by negativity. "Lifestyle has changed a lot with work from home coming into the picture. People have lost their metime, and as a result, stress levels have gone up," says Krishnakumar, who has been practising tarot reading since 2013.

Her advice to people is 'to create their own happiness' at home by making it a positive place by lighting lamps, doing meditation, and playing calming music. Mindful living and happiness coach Avril Quadros says that one can deal with these fears if one finds their triggers.

"People are not used to living out of their comfort zone and this is a situation that they are not used to, which leads to depression and anxiety. The best way to deal with it is to shift your focus to happiness rather than the negative things in your life, because the things you focus on expand," says Quadros, a singer-turned-Kundalini-yoga practitioner.

She says that a mindset of gratitude could make a world of difference and start you on your journey to be more mentally healthy.

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