Reiki shop opens in downtown Beaver Dam: Owner offers healing therapies in new location | Regional news

Health issues are what brought Martens to the world of Reiki, and eventually to the role of Reiki Master. The success she had in dealing with her own issues led her to the role of helping others.

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“Reiki is a healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch,” Martens summarized. “Reiki has a range of physical and emotional health benefits including better sleep, improved mood, and pain relief.”

Reiki is utilized in many health care settings such as hospitals, hospice, mental health clinics, cancer care clinics, nursing homes, home health care and through healing rooms such as the one in Marten’s business.

She also pursued studies in electromagnetic frequencies and their roles in promoting wellness and healing.

That is not all the store offers.

“As an extension of my healing practice, I was thrilled to include a crystal shop which includes master healers such as quartz and amethyst to grounding stones like black tourmaline and hematite, and everything in between,” she said. “The shop also has smudging supplies like sage, palo santo and incense, books and oracle and card decks, candles, jewelry and more.”

She also hosts free, monthly events.

“I tell my students and my clients to take what works for them and leave the rest,” said Martens. “It’s that way with most things in life. People come in and tell me they’re glad that I’m here, they’re glad they don’t have to travel a great distance outside the community. It has been really, really nice. People like the store and think it’s really pretty. It smells good too.”

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