Pandemic uncertainity has people approaching alternative healers and astrologers

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a test emotionally and financially for everyone. The uncertainty of the pandemic has led to people reaching out to astrologers to decode what's in store for them in the days ahead. These calls for help are not restricted just to Gen X and above, but also millennials and Gen Z. Tarot card readings, numerology, astrological solutions and distance healing are just some of the therapies that people are turning to for answers.
Astrologers see a spike in calls
"My husband and I never thought that we'd be reaching out to a Tarot card reader. But we lost a pet, my husband has been jumping jobs and I want to quit too. The negativity drove us to reach out to a reader, just to know more about the future and what it holds," says first time caller Ananya Gupta. Astrologer Divyashree shares, "If I was getting 10 calls in a fortnight earlier (pre-Covid), it has now shot up to almost 100 emails or messages. They are job-related, couples fighting, engagements failing, marriages being halted or businesses going nowhere." Astrologer and Vastu expert Dr Jai Madsan has had calls around maintaining peace and harmony in the house. "People have been talking about how to have peace in the house. There have even been calls to address fear of extra marital affairs," says Dr Jai.

Youngsters seek answers Girish Kumar (name changed), 19, wanted clarity on how the college year would pan out for him and whether the minimal social interaction would affect his career in the long run. "With the new normal being indoors and taking online classes, I wanted to know whether it would affect my communication skills and career in the long run," he says. He is certainly not alone. Divyashree informs that she has been getting numerous calls from youngsters. "I have been getting calls from youngsters between the age group of 18-24 years and most of it was about their future and career," says Divyashree.

Distant healing requests pour in
Many people have also been reaching out to healers as well. "I reached out to a spiritual healer because I was dealing with a lot of anxiety regarding my personal life. I recently lost my uncle, and my career wasn’t going in the right direction. I was frustrated and demotivated all the time and needed clarity on certain things," says 26-year-old Ravina Sachdev who adds that with her confidence shattered, she decided to reach out to a healer. Kuhoo Gupta, a healer, shares, "Healing requests have seen a huge surge in the last one-and-a-half years of the pandemic. Being a spiritual healer practicing multiple modalities like usui reiki, crystal therapy, karuna reiki, past life regression and many more, I have noticed that a lot of people are reaching out to me for distant healings. There are healing requests for Covid patients, post-Covid health issues, anxiety, depression, kids behavioural issues, couple disharmony, emotional breakdowns, money-related issues and more."

Personal stories turn cathartic for some
Apart from knowing what the future holds, the process of letting out and sharing personal grievances has been a calming exercise for some. "For me it is not about personal problems, but more to understand why I am so restless and to calm my senses. Letting out the anxiousness and disquiet to someone without being judged sets in positivity," says Dr Amita G. For Ravina as well, the act of sharing her struggles with someone helped her become calm. "It really does help if someone is willing to lend an ear to your issues in these uncertain times," she says.

Decoding dreams to signature analysis

Spiritual healer Dr Priya Kaul says that she has had people wanting to make sense of their dreams. "My clients tell me their dreams or patterns in their life, and I guide them towards the interpretation." Dr Priya informs that she has had frantic calls about dreams around death and people dying of heart attack. "Seeing someone die of a heart attack means the dreamer needs to go deep inside and ask themselves what you are holding onto in your heart that might hurt you in the future," she says.
People have also been relooking their signature to set their life on track. "I have been doing future signature analysis for people who want to either tweak their signature for better prospects and luck or want to know whether their signature is a good omen for the future," explains Dr Jai.

Some of thr reasons for reaching out
- Job-related enquiries
- Financial worries
- Marital discord
- Health-issues including Covid recovery
- Starting a family

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