Online Psychics: Top Psychic Readings Sites That Will Help Eliminate Your Life Challenges

The buzz around the wellness circles is that millions of wandering souls have move from ‘psychics near me’ to find a safe haven through online psychic readings. After our lives got disrupted by the pandemic, many people made a beeline towards seers, tarot readers, and gifted psychic mediums.

It isn’t surprising considering the surety many genuine mystic experts offer through their words of wisdom. Adding to this is the comfort many housebound people found in connecting with another person via the internet. Online psychics also happen to be the cure-all for all bad thoughts and negative emotions as they instill a sense of self-awareness and optimism through their inquisitive insights.

Our Top Picks for Online Psychic Readings for Love and Life Challenges Faced in 2021

The year 2021 might not have started on a high note, but there’s still time to turn things around with online psychics. Meet mystic advisors, love gurus, financial guides, spiritual healers, who can help you along the way.

Here are our favorite sources for some mystic wisdom:

California Psychics

  • A fun interactive space for online psychic readings
  • Enjoy psychic readings online at affordable prices
  • Psychic readings for only $1/minute + 5 free minutes

Keen Psychics

  • Unleash your spiritual side with online psychics
  • Get 10-minute introductory sessions with the best pyschics online for $1.99 only
  • Connect with chat psychics and phone psychics in real-time


  • The ideal choice for love psychics & relationships advice
  • New users get 50% off +free first 3 minutes
  • Mobile-friendly app for daily horoscopes and psychic consultations

Ask Now

  • Enjoy Low Rates and Incredible Psychic Insights via AskNow
  • Free Psychic Reading Online for all Trial Sessions
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

Overview: What Can You Expect from the Best Sites for Psychic Readings Online?

Whether you’re interested in a psychic reading online for love, wealth, or happiness, we can help. Here’s a list of well-vetted, fully secured, and verified websites for online psychics that can help you prepare and counter the challenges thrown your way.

Each credible platform offers something unique to its users in regards to accessibility, versatile services, and flexible pricing systems. Go through our detailed reviews to know which one of these top contenders is right for you.

Here’s everything you need to know to meet online psychics:

1. California Psychics – A 5-Star Rated Platform for Online Psychic Readings

California Psychics started online business in the late 90s. People consider them the top choice for online tarot readings and i-Ching readings. The psychic service strives to provide customizing clairvoyant encounters for every client. In turn, ensuring that each mystic session serves a special purpose in your life.

Customers can sign into this psychic site to connect with spiritual healers, psychic experts, seers, and tarot readers from all over the world. You can talk to your chosen expert via psychic readings online by phone, chat pyschics or live video calls in real-time.

The company ensures that these clandestine consultations take place in a safe and secure environment. California Psychics achieves this feat by running detailed background checks on all applicants before registrations. This recruitment process allows them to select trustworthy and experienced mystic consultants from near and far. Additional security features include encrypted passwords, log-in verification, and anonymous chat features.

Furthermore, you can keep your identity safe by participating in anonymous psychic readings instead of face-to-face consultations.

Despite starting its services as tarot readers, California Psychics was keen on expanding its psychic pursuits. Their ambitious spirit led to the introduction of different psychic techniques and mediums. From tarot readings, crystal healing, crystal ball gazing to astrology chart readings and numerological predictions, it now offers something for everyone.

You can go through online profiles to choose a compatible online psychics for your reading. The profile includes customer feedback, experience level, and specialties to give you an idea of each psychic expert’s strengths and weaknesses. They’ve also got a user-oriented search engine for easier navigation and browsing to pick a well-suited clairvoyant expert for your psychic reading online.

However, if you experience any form of difficulty during your session, you can call the 24-hour customer hotline. The operators can resolve all technical issues and website-based problems as soon as possible. They can also answer your questions about pricing, payment methods, and general online psychic reading queries.

The Price Plan for California Psychics

If you think three-minute-long psychic consultations with online psychics are insufficient, then you’ll appreciate the free minute trials California Psychics offers to its clients. Use the free online psychic reading service to discover fascinating insights about your future. Once you cross the time limit, you can be upgraded to a paid consultation that costs only $1/minute.

In addition to this, California Psychics offers inexpensive online psychic readings with the help of a reasonably-priced three-tier pricing system. There are three types of psychics available for subscribed services. The categories include preferred, popular, and premium online psychics. Factors such as experience, customer ratings, and quality of performance to choose the price for each package. For example, an experienced tarot reader may charge more than a novice. You can check customer reviews and availability to determine which psychic expert can provide the reliable readings without putting a dent in your wallet.

The Highlights: What Makes California Psychics Unique?

  • Years of expertise in tarot reading and other forms of psychic consultations
  • Consult online psychics from around the world with just a few clicks
  • Real-time customer support is always available
  • Unique predictions and the best customer ratings for psychics online
  • A versatile range of online psychic reading styles and services (i.e. tarot readings, i-Chings, astrology, pendulums, crystal healing, guides, etc.)
  • Flexible price plans for your convenience
  • Affordable psychic readings online via phone, chat psychics, and video calls
  • The first five minutes are free for your introductory psychic readings online
  • Pay $1/minute for extended consultations with online psychics

On the whole, California Psychics sets itself apart with its easy-to-use services and reliable readings.

2. Keen Psychics – A Budget-Friendly Site for Reliable Online Psychic Readings

Keen Psychics entered the global market around the same time as the Y2K boom. They quickly won the hearts of millions of individuals who were eager to explore the virtual side of mysticism. Over the years, the psychic platform has expanded not only its customer base but the number of online psychic experts too. They have currently registered a grand total of 1700 mystic advisors who have helped transform more than 35 million lives through accurate online psychic readings.

Clients trust Keen Psychics to bring the best consultants to their virtual doorstep through their strict registration process. Each mystic applicant goes through a multi-step screening procedure to meet customer expectations and market practices. After which, only experienced online psychics get an opportunity to practice their mystic on this global platform.

The team has managed to get a wide range of psychic mediums on board. These include rune readers, tarot readers, numerologists, crystal healers, astrologists, amongst many others.

You can benefit from its excellent online psychic readings by phone, chat psychics or email consultations. Feel free to select a mode of communication according to your availability and comfort level.

Price Plan for Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is a reasonably priced, easy to access, and customer-friendly platform for different forms of psychic readings online. These characteristics make it a popular choice for beginners. They also ensure that their clients don’t have to stress over their budget when they’re in desperate need of divine intervention.

That’s why they offer a 3 minute trial free of cost for every introductory reading with a new psychic expert. The free psychic readings are followed by extended 10-minute consultations for users interested in gaining more information. These sessions cost only $1.99 with additional discount deals available for specialized psychic services.

These extra minutes allow you to have in-depth conversations with your designated psychic expert. As a result, you can leave the consultation with a clearer mind and a brighter future.

The Highlights: Why Do We Love Keen Psychics?

  • Keen Psychics brings decades of experience in online psychic readings to its clients
  • It’s home to over 1700 international and local online psychics
  • A 24/7 service for online phone psychics, chat psychics and live video calls.
  • Know more about your past life and future events via online tarot readings, accurate horoscope readings, career forecasts, and aura reading services
  • 5-star psychic readings and excellent customer service
  • Ask experienced tarot card readers, energy healers, empaths, and psychic experts for advice on matters of love, life, and death
  • Enjoy a free psychic reading online with a 3-minute-long trial
  • Get a bang for your buck with low rates and adaptable service packages (Starting from only $1.99 for 10-minute consultations)

Apart from this, Keen Psychics has a user-centric website that allows you to easily navigate this mystic journey with minimum setbacks. Plus, if something does go wrong, you can always drop a message and or start a live chat with a dedicated customer support representative.

3. Kasamba – Meet the Love Guru of Online Psychic Readings

Kasamba started its business over 20 years ago. This makes it a pioneer in the virtual world of mysticism and new age spirituality. Due to this, most experienced online psychics have an account on this platform. Each one of these consultants goes through a three-step screening process to ensure that only certified members of the psychic community gain entrance on this platform.

You can seek their mystic wisdom through online psychic readings by phone, chat or video call.

Users can find a versatile range of psychic services on Kasamba. Popular choices include love tarot readings, zodiac compatibility services, relationship advice, career forecasts, and astrological readings. They also offer a separate category for holistic healers to use their psychic abilities through crystals, aura reading, and energy work.

Moreover, Kasamba respects client privacy and confidentiality through secure payment methods. They also have a well-integrated log-in system that utilizes password and user-verification protocols to keep scammers away.

The Price Plan for Kasamba

Newcomers can try their luck at Kasamba with free psychic reading online. These virtual encounters let you explore an assorted range of mystic services via 3-minute-long consultations. You can upgrade these sessions by paying $1 per minute. These extended online psychic readings allow you to delve deeper and find out more about your future.

If you like what you hear and enjoy the psychic session, you can return to Kasamba as a loyal customer. You can either opt for standalone sessions with your favorite psychic expert or choose a monthly subscription to access more services. New users can receive a 50% discount offer upon completing their first full consultation.

Remember that the starting price per minute might change according to the psychic service you choose after your trial session. Use the integrated search engine and online pyschic profiles to select a high-rated online psychics within your price range.

The Highlights: What Makes Kasamba Unique?

  • Two decades of expertise in online pyschic readings
  • Meet a thriving global community of online psychics through your screen
  • Only psychic readings via phone, chat, email, and real-time video calls are available day and night
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The best pick for love tarot readings and relationship advice
  • Receive reliable predictions and accurate psychic readings from experienced mystic mediums
  • Enjoy free psychic readings online ( Maximum time: 3 minutes)
  • 50% off on extended introductory consultation for new customers
  • Download the Kasamba mobile app for on-then-go psychic readings (Available for iOS and Android devices)
  • Full money-back guarantee for mistrials and unsatisfactory psychic readings online

On the whole, Kasamba ticks all the boxes of being the best psychic service online.

4. AskNow – Enjoy Premium Online Psychic Readings at Low Rates

AskNow was established in 2005, unlike its older counterparts. The platform brings a fresher take on online psychic consultations with its free ask services and authentic aura. Adding to this is a well-vetted community of online psychics, mystic advisors, numerologists, and other specialists. Their online profiles give you a nice summary of their experience, specialties, and customer ratings. You can get in touch with a compatible psychic via an online psychic reading by phone or email.

At present, AskNow serves over a hundred clients each day with the support of its dedicated customer service representatives. They’ve also got a 24/7 live chat running to address your real-time queries within a few seconds.

Moreover, they ensure that each online psychic reading happens in private chat rooms with no third-party involvement.

Price Plan for AskNow

You can start your mystical journey with a free ask about whatever your heart desires. If you’re satisfied with the services, you can opt for a follow-up session in real-time. You have full right to choose a consultation with online psychics of your choice for the trial.

Unlike other online psychic sites, your introductory sessions last for five minutes. After that, you may pay $1 per minute for extended services. Alternatively, you can cancel the call anytime to discontinue your psychic reading if something goes amiss.

The Highlights: What Makes AskNow Unique?

  • 24/7 psychic readings online available on-demand
  • Connect with certified psychic practitioners and spiritual healers
  • Talk to online psychics at a cost of $1/per minute in private chat rooms
  • Enjoy real-time psychic readings by phone, chat, and video calls
  • Multiple psychic services are available on the same site (i.e. tarot cards, angel cards, and crystal balls) for a variety of psychic readings
  • No-obligation free psychic readings (Max time: 5 minutes)
  • Flexible packages for extended mystic consultations

In short, AskNow helps you rewrite the stars with free psychic readings online and infinite consultations with real psychics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Find the Best Mystic Advisor for Your Online Psychic Readings?

Looking for the right psychic expert can feel like a needle in a haystack type of situation if you’re a newcomer. The good news is that we’ve got a few insights into how online psychics work and the most effective way to use their interpretations in life.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom that can lead you to the best mystic consultant online:

Q1. How to Get Accurate from Free Psychic Reading?

The words free psychics often sound too good to be true for many beginners. You wonder whether or not it’s worth the effort to connect with online psychics through such sources. The odds of these psychic readings being accurate seem to be set against you, or so it seems.

However, there’s a way to get lucky the first time around if you follow a few simple rules.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Choose a Trustworthy Virtual Psychic Platform for Your Consultation

You can avoid online scams by selecting verified websites like the ones we reviewed. Having a credible resource brings you a step closer to finding a real psychic. These sites use secure payment methods and confidentiality chat features to protect your identity.

Additionally, most of these online psychic networks connect you with experienced practitioners that have been working for years. Their refined skills and expertise make precise predictions and accurate readings possible.

Step 2: Check Psychic Profiles to Find a Compatible Match

Online psychic reading sites often feature short bios and client feedback about each mystic consultant registered on their platform. Scroll through these profiles and use the acquired information to find a psychic that fits your needs and requirements.

Step 3: Select the Right Format for Your Psychic Reading Online

There’s a slight difference between phone psychics and chat psychics. Knowing the distinctive aspects of each consultation style can prove advantageous for you.

For instance, we recommend online psychic readings by phone for people interested in detailed sessions with their mystic consultant. If you’re looking for specific answers and don’t mind shorter predictions, chat psychics can work for you. Besides this, you should choose a mode of communication that you’re comfortable with as opposed to a service that’s more popular.

Step 4: Preparing for Your First Online Psychic Consultation

The flexibility and accessibility of online psychics allow you to receive divine wisdom in the comfort of your home. That too at the oddest hours when you’re alone with your thoughts or in desperate need of a sign to move forward.

Situations like these can make you feel anxious and jittery. Try not to keep those emotions in check to ensure that your psychic advisor doesn’t receive mixed signals from your end. We say this because aura readings, tarot readings, and other forms of mysticism rely on thoughts, energy, and emotions. Coming to a reader with an indecisive, clouded headspace could disrupt the connection.

Hence, you need to create a peaceful environment before meeting your phone psychics or chat psychics. Alternatively, you can ask your designated psychic expert to walk you through the process before you begin. Knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves and give you a better idea of things you might ask the mystic consultant.

Lastly, remember that online psychics can only show you the way and share their insightful version of how things might happen in your distant future. Following those signs is entirely up to you and what you feel about these perceptions. In a way, nothing will change until you act upon the advice.

Therefore, the accuracy of your online psychic reading depends on three things—a trustworthy site to meet real psychics, compatible consultants, and the choices you make after the session. Keep that in mind to reap the full benefits of these mystic consultations.

Q2. What Type of Services Do Online Psychics Offer?

You can use free psychic readings online to explore every aspect of the mystic world with a few clicks. Top-rated live psychic platforms (like the one reviewed above) strive to bring different types of mystic advisors to their virtual corner. In turn, helping you to receive all the help possible through a versatile range of psychic mediums.

Here’s a short preview of the different mystic services available online:

You can reach out to psychic readers online to help deal with a tough situation in your life. Psychic reading encompasses a variety of services that covers the following categories:

  1. Astrology Readings:

    Astrologists create your birth chart based on the position of each planet and star according to the date and time you were born. The reading tells you how zodiac signs and the constellations influence your life in the present.

    These online psychic readings are like a roadmap of your life. It can connect past events with how things are unfolding in the present to circumstances that might shape the future.

  2. Dream Interpretations with Online Psychics

    Psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung often discussed the possibility of dreams revealing ‘hidden conflicts’ in our life. Yet, the visuals appeared in a language that ordinary people might not understand.

    Some online psychics have the gift of decoding dreams and sharing key insights about what’s happening in our subconscious minds.

    Alternatively, a few traditionalists will use dream interpretation to foretell what might happen in the future or how we may let go of a previous trauma that holds us back in the present.

  3. Tarot Readings

    Tarot card readings are one of the oldest forms of psychic consultations. Gifted seers study the symbolic cards and converse with spiritual guides to answer your life questions. Some energy readers can use their intuitive skills to direct you towards promising financial ventures. Others give you a nudge on where you might find the love of your life.

  4. New Age Spirituality

    If you’re looking for a connection to a higher plane, then these mystical sessions will work for you. Consult online psychics and energy healers to awaken your spiritual side and tap into your hidden potential. People are often feel refreshed and reenergized after a few enlightening conversations with new age spiritual guides.

  5. Universal Law

    The forces of the universe work in mysterious ways. Use a psychic reading online to learn what they’re up to and how you may steer clear of expected mishaps. Alternatively, you can use this newfound knowledge to get a head start in your professional life.

Besides these techniques and categories, you can sign up for regular notifications and monthly readings. These can include online psychics and services that deal with daily horoscopes, zodiac compatibility, career forecasts, love and relationship advice, and more.

As you can see, a psychic reading online can no longer be generalized as fortune-telling. There are many different directions a mystic advisor can take depending on your circumstances. You can seek their wise advice to overcome roadblocks that prevent you from pursuing your greatest desires and dreams.

Q3. What Type of Online Psychic Should You Choose?

Selecting the right live psychics can be as important as choosing the right network for your psychic reading online. Otherwise, you won’t find the correct answer to your life questions or receive the guidance you actually need to resolve personal issues and professional obstacles in life.

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you learn what kind of psychic reading will benefit you:

  1. Love Psychics

    Whether you’re unlucky in love or have trouble connecting with others, love tarot readings and relationship advice from live psychics can help. Empaths, intuitive psychics, and love gurus help you gain meaningful insights into your relationships. You can ask them about meeting soul mates, knowing if your current partner is loyal, and even figuring out if it’s the right time for marriage.

    The guidance you receive may allow you to live happily ever after in a way that suits you.

  2. Financial Advisors

    Financial investments and high ticket purchases can be a gamble if you don’t play your cards right. Use online psychics to receive a glimpse of your financial future. You might even use their second sight to figure out how to pay your student loans, fix your credit score, or save enough to buy your dream house.

    The opportunities you may come across know no bounds when you’ve got a gifted psychic by your side.

  3. Energy Healers

    Some online psychics practice alternative medicine such as reiki healing, crystal healing, and meditative therapy has become a new-age resource for mental health and wellness. If you’re a believer, millennial mysticism can be a source of comfort in times of need. There are many advantages of these energy-based therapy sessions. You can use them to alleviate stress, combat intrusive anxious thoughts, and gain clarity.

  4. Empaths and Intuitive Readers

    If you’re feeling low or have trouble finding closure after a traumatic incident, online psychic reading can be beneficial. Seek advice from a psychic medium that can feel your aura and interpret your emotions with their unique abilities. You can use these mystic sessions to unwind and uplift your mood.

    Besides functioning as mood boosters, they can tell you how to deal with unresolved feelings and move on with your life.

  5. Numerologists

    Have you ever noticed a recurring number in your life? Or how some placements prove luckier for you than others? Numerologists know how to crack the code with sequences, divinatory tools, psychic mediums, and spiritual guidance.

    With their assistance, you might have a better chance of achieving your goals and making your next innovative idea work for you.

Lastly, finding compatible online psychics requires a clear idea of what you want and expect from your psychic reading online. There are times when things might not sound or look like they’re working in your favor. Yet, if you have faith and the willingness to follow perceptive readings, you can learn how to navigate life better than before.

The key lies in aligning individual needs and requirements with the unique psychic powers these clairvoyants, tarot readers, love psychics, spiritual healers, and gifted guides possess.

In a Nutshell

On the whole, online psychic readings by phone and chats allow you to receive the support and guidance you need when you’re at the lowest point in your life. These services are available within reach and most sites don’t work by standard business hours. That means you have access to free psychics, energy healers, spiritual guides, and love psychics around the clock.

In a way, it’s like having a 24/7 support system that gives you the strength and wisdom to eliminate all types of life challenges.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend your life stuck in darkness. It’s time to seek enlightenment from the gifted guides that walk amongst us through online psychics. We encourage you to make the most of these mystic experiences by turning the odds in your favor.

Good luck!

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