Message of the Day (August 2)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


My priority healing chart.

Exploring the light of love in your heart awakens you to channel the nectar, heal the self, heal others and the environment with protection for one and all. The critical juncture in the journey of all healers is the offerings and donations of this light that we are equipped to share with others and to see and watch carefully how sincerely we do so. I often think about how much support of the light could keep others safe and free from pain. The knowledge of this light presence gives us the power to feel empowered. Live in the light, showing and sharing the light to comfort others. Encouraging them to do something in the now for all those they love. Healing hugs in this special moment. Love for practicing the sharing of the healing.

The final cleanse:

After you read this , take a bottle full of water with the juice of two lemons , hold the bottle of lemon water for three minutes, healing with Reiki, The KQ Force, My Golden Cloud, or even with a gentle wish to vibrate with the healing light, then gently sip this nectarine water during the day.

Heals every pore and cell of your body.

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