Kate Garraway turned to American preachers to heal husband Derek Draper as he lay in coma

Kate Garraway tried alternative therapies given to her by TV pal Lizzie Cundy when husband Derek Draper was in a coma trying to recover from Covid

Derek and Kate before the virus turned their lives upside down
Derek and Kate before the virus turned their lives upside down

Kate Garraway played preachers chanting “heal Derek now” to spark life into her Covid-hit husband as he lay in a coma.

The recordings – given to Kate by TV pal Lizzie Cundy – were among a string of alternative therapies she hoped could help stricken partner Derek Draper, 53.

The GMB host got advice from a spiritual healer and says reiki – hands-on energy healing – prompted Derek to look at her and say the word “love”.

Details of the treatment came as Kate, 54, and her two kids have had a break in Cornwall – while Derek’s family took over his 24- hour care.

He was hospitalised in March 2020 and spent a year in intensive care.

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Derek vid left Kate in tears (



One video of him crying in hospital was particularly tough for Kate to see. But Derek is back home and Kate has said positive thinking has helped her to cope.

And the American preachers’ “heal Derek” mantra played its part too.

In her book The Power Of Hope, Kate said: “I needed something to counteract the emotional impact, and all of those techniques were helping me to stay positive.

Kate Garraway wipes away tears over harrowing video of husband Derek crying in hospital (



“Lizzie Cundy was sending me, via a friend, recordings of American preachers saying, ‘heal Derek now’ which I asked the nurses to play to him as he lay there. There were days when the kids and I were almost hysterical with laughter because it was so loud and so American.

“But who knows? It might have worked. It might have drifted through to him, and how cheering would it have been for Derek to know this force of goodwill was spurring him on?

“Other friends sent details of mystics and healers who helped them. It helped to get a text from them oozing confidence that I had reason to hope. It gave me strength.”

Kate received spiritual help from psychic June Field (


Recordings were provided by TV pal Lizzie Cundy (



Ex model Linda Lusardi, 62, also contacted Kate after she caught Covid and received spiritual help from psychic June Field.

Kate said: “Her husband was good friends with June and he asked her to send Linda some remote healing. Linda was unaware of this but immediately afterwards she felt a wave of positivity. I got her involved immediately.”

The healers didn’t charge Kate for their work – “they just wanted to help”, Kate said.

She added: “That in itself was a wonderful thing. That goodness, to bring into Derek’s life. ‘Why not?’

"This was what I asked myself time and again, as I had to make a huge shift, opening myself to all sorts of new ideas.”

Kate also revealed that Derek had told her as they celebrated New Year months before Covid turned their lives upside down: “This is going to be your year!”

She wrote: “Surely 2020 would be a breeze. How wrong I was.”

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